The Workshop

Drawing Without Fear

The Zen of the Line

Monday-Friday • 9:30am – 4:30pm

$575, $25 Materials Fee (Optional)

Taught from the angle of meditation, this 5 day workshop teaches an easily comprehensible, step by step method to drawing. It is designed for both absolute beginners and those who wish to enhance their meditation practice and / or drawing skills. We will experiment with meditation and drawing techniques throughout the 5 days, as well as use what comes up for us as a method to see (and hopefully get a little distance on) our minds …and marvel at how the mind can either contribute to our lives or utterly sabotage us. The workshop explores meditation and key drawing techniques and ways they can be creatively combined. And, of course, the bottom line of both meditation and drawing: seeing clearly what is.

Using time honored teaching methods, one on one instruction, demos, and general irreverence, we will: breathe deeply, enter into the drawing zone,  experience silence and ‘yesness’ and on top of everything else learn to draw! By the end of these 5 days you will be drawing, and understand how to continue on your own if you so choose. What is required from you is that you show up, pay attention and if something  isn’t clear, ASK! …And allow yourself to make mistakes, not know what you’re doing and in general, try not to take it all too seriously. (After all, if it isn’t fun then why do it?)
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