Meditation is a state of being, which descends through being alert, watchful and relaxed in the present moment. It’s not something you do, it happens as a by product of present moment awareness.

The key phrase here is ‘in the present moment’.

You can be aware of anything: your thoughts, your movements, watching a bird, swimming… drawing… it’s about being aware of what is, not lost in… thoughts, fantasies, your I-phone… When you do this regularly there are fabulous side effects that happen: the mind stills, your world expands; a sense of timelessness, peace, depth, calmness happen… as well as a myriad of documented health benefits (which I won’t go into as everyone knows them).

Drawing a wonderful technique to bring your awareness to the present moment. You can’t draw if you’re not in the moment, looking at what is in front of your eyes. If you’re dreaming about what you’re seeing, you can’t draw it accurately. You may be able to fake it*, but at some point faking it doesn’t work. You have to be able to look, completely objectively at the shapes, values, colors, etc in front of you. It’s obvious to most drawing instructors if a student is truly looking or faking it – the quality of the line changes, shapes are just wrong…

*When I have students who like to fake it I give them a crumpled paper bag to draw. They don’t have a clue how to draw it… they usually can’t do it. It’s a nice wake-up call.