Project Description

I still think about all the things I learned in your workshop, as well as the entire experience of being in Sedona.  It was truly a very special week…. One I will always remember.  I may not get to drawing each day but it is in my mind and now that I know that I can do it using the techniques you so generously taught us, I feel that it is something I can do at any time.  All of the ladies that I paint with on Wednesday (in the workshop that I’ve been going to for fourteen years) were very impressed with the drawings that I did.  I think a couple of them would love to come to Sedona and take your class at some point.  Everyone has such busy lives these days so it may take a little time to work out.  Anyway, I’m glad to keep in touch and receive further information about your classes.  My husband and I loved Sedona and will definitely come again and it would be fun to take another class.  Thank you Peggy, so much.
~ Kathe J