Project Description

I took a beginning drawing class from Peggy at the Sedona art center about 3 years ago. That class open my mind to a whole aspect of myself that has lay dormant for over 50 years. She encouraged me and other students some much older than I to follow the creative spirit. After that class I went on to take more art classes at Yavapai College, where once again Peggy encouraged me by going through the extra effort to contact me through my teachers and deliver a very encouraging note on the work that I had produced for the student show. I still have that note.

She did not have to do that because now two years had passed, but she remembered me and cared enough to write me an encouraging note on how proud she was I had continued what we started. I now have moved away from Sedona and have entered two local art shows where I have won one best of show, two first place and one third place ribbon.She was part of my art journey of growth. Her actions taught me that without real encouragement we may never discover what we have within us to do.I will carry that lesson and encourage others and support as I was supported.
~ Richard N.

Note from Peggy: Rick’s an amazingly gifted artist