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Drawing Without Fear: $575

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    Yes, absolutely! This workshop was created for you and people like you, who always wanted to draw but don’t have a clue where to start. I created this workshop while teaching at the Sedona Arts Center when I saw how much resistance there is in people’s mind to drawing. People think it’s a chore or difficult; it’s not. You just have to understand what you are doing.

    There are hundreds of thousands of different forms of meditation, all which are essentially about becoming more centered and present. We will be exploring many ones, some active, some guided, all done to music. There is no ‘right’ way to meditate, it is simply about bringing your awareness to this present moment and noticing what is, be it emotions, thoughts, sensations, twitching, sounds… whatever is going on inside and outside of you – just be with what is.

    Of course not. This is simply a way for beginners to get started without being overwhelmed by buying a load of stuff. I have put together a drawing kit of items I consider essential, I buy them in bulk so I get a good price, and pass it onto you. If you’ve already got your materials bring them along, no need to duplicate them… and if there’s anything you’d like from the kit you’re welcome to buy it during the workshop providing I have extras (no guarantees on that though).

    Write us directly, (obviously it depends on where the workshop is located).

    This is the kit I’ve put together (there may be some variation in manufacturers). You’ll be well covered with this. The item numbers are from (excellent quality and prices) so if you want just one thing you can easily order it yourself.