Testimonials and Student Work


Peggy was an outstanding instructor.  I worked with her for four short days which flew by. In these few days Peggy taught me an entirely new way of thinking and processing how to draw. Her techniques and instructions are challenging but incredibly helpful and fun. At the end of our classes I feel I [...]


Peggy Sands was my first art teacher since junior high school.  As a newly retired physician, I was stepping out on a limb and Peggy was able to inspire me into an entirely new way of being and enjoying.  I can’t thank her enough for such a gentle entree in to the world of [...]


Simply put, Peggy Sands is one of the best both in her artistry and in her ability to communicate with students.  She manages to help students discover their abilities and hone those skills while countering the fears latent in most of us.  Perhaps her most endearing trait is her talent for critique that combines [...]


Peggy excels in bringing together her knowledge and talent in art to the benefit of her students.  She counters fears of beginning students, instructs with creative approaches and advances their progress with insightful but gentle critiques.  I have been privileged to study with Peggy for most of the last five years at the Sedona [...]


I still think about all the things I learned in your workshop, as well as the entire experience of being in Sedona.  It was truly a very special week…. One I will always remember.  I may not get to drawing each day but it is in my mind and now that I know that [...]


Peggy taught me to draw an image as it really is, not how I think it should be and the results are astounding. ~ John K.


I just want to say thanks again for the amazing experience in your class. I never thought I had any ability to draw, even though it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for years. In just five days you were able to teach me “HOW” to see, and “HOW” to transfer what I see to [...]


Peggy, this class was great. You are such a warm and caring person, and a perceptive and supportive teacher.  My concern was in leaving the camaraderie of the terrific group and your suggestions as I proceeded with a drawing, would I keep going on my own.  Sitting in my motel room looking out the [...]


Thanks for all the joy and passion you put into our class. You are awesome! ~ Nancy K


In the “Drawing Withour Fear” workshop (Sedona Arts Center, May, 2009) the teacher Peggy Sands inspired me to begin an enjoyable journey back into the creative world of drawing.  Since then her class in “Creativity and Composition” has pushed me beyond my limited artistic endeavors.  She knows how to develop each students’ special style [...]


Before taking Peggy’s drawing workshop my stick figures were dull and lifeless. Now they fairly jump off the page. ~ Pam C.


“Thanks for the “care” and “time” and “energy” you share. Your skills – and you are sincerely appreciated! ~ Jan W


Peggy surrounds her students with love and gentle humor … before pushing them to places they never thought they could go. ~ Ann G.


Peggy incorporates play with diverse, tried and true drawing exercises. Students get a solid foundation in drawing while having fun. Peggy challenges students and expands their creativity in a positive, nurturing environment. ~ John D.


I took Peggy’s 5 day intensive drawing class in Sedona.  Drawing for 7 hours each day 5 days in a row could have been rather exhausting or tedious.  Fortunately with Peggy’s personality and teaching style it occurred as just the opposite!  Before Peggy’s class I avoided putting in the hours to practice drawing skills [...]


Peggy is something of a rarity, a gifted artist who is also a gifted teacher.  She brings an infectious enthusiasm to her classes, inspiring and pushing her students to do their best work, without talking down to them.  She incorporates classical methods of instruction, while keeping it fun with a sense of play and [...]


I want you to know how important you have been to my career as an artist.  I came to Sedona almost 5 years ago with the intention of being a relaxed retired person.  After 37 years of teaching, I thought I’d be hiking, reading, relaxing, traveling….  Then I discovered the Sedona Art Center and [...]


Peggy Sands has been my art teacher for numerous classes and workshops. She is an excellent teacher, as well as artist, and I have learned so much from her. Probably the quality that I most appreciate is that she has forced me to think outside the envelope. I know that a class with her [...]


Not only did I learn to draw but regained appreciation for art and life anew. Peggy is a gifted teacher and artist. The week was well worth the time and cost. ~ Catherine M K.


I took a beginning drawing class from Peggy at the Sedona art center about 3 years ago. That class open my mind to a whole aspect of myself that has lay dormant for over 50 years. She encouraged me and other students some much older than I to follow the creative spirit. After that [...]


Thanks again for such a wonderful art experience in Sedona! It was exactly what I was hoping for  :). ~ Molly W.


I’ve taken drawing classes from several teachers, but Peggy Sands is far and away the best. She explains things clearly, is patient and her classes are fun.  I especially like the critiques at the beginning and end of class – a great way to learn. ~ Cornelia H.


Thanks again for your help and support. If I had not had Peggy as my first art instructor, I would not be an artist today. She is a true midwife to each of her students as they give birth to the creative spirit within. ~ Jean C.


Bond just showed me 2 amazing drawings he did last night. Will be eternally grateful for the loving seeds you’ve planted! ~ Kristen B, mother of 16 yr old student