About Peggy Sands

Peggy Sands

Artist, Teacher, Designer

Peggy Sands, a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, is an award winning professional artist and a meditator of over 40 years. For many years she sold her work (primarily watercolors) in Europe; returning to the US in 2006 where she began teaching professionally. She has successfully guided both beginners and accomplished artists worldwide through the drawing process. Commonly heard in her workshop: “I can’t believe I’m drawing, I don’t know how I’m doing this!!”

Sands understands the science of how to draw. As she says “Drawing is not a mysterious, vague ‘talent’ that only some people can master. Drawing can be learned, as any skill”. Sands makes drawing easily accessible by breaking down the process into step-by-step lessons that anyone can understand.

In her words: “When you understand what to do drawing becomes very easy. If you can write your name you can learn to draw. “It’s just a question of explaining what to do and how to get there.

I love the science of it all, how the brain and eye function, HOW we see. When you understand this it’s easy. Explaining and demonstrating this in fun, easily digestible, bite size chunks is the difference between myself and most instructors.”

Peggy’s experience and understanding of meditation is vast. She has been blessed to sit at the feet of an enlightened Master, Osho, for over 35 years, 11 of which she sat in meditation with him morning and evening. Drawing is a meditation for her and she transmits this to her students. In her classes learning to draw is not a chore, but a love affair. “By the third day of the workshop usually everyone is in the drawing zone, that fabulous space where time stops and the world expands. It is one of the wonderful side effects of drawing.”

When she is not painting, designing or riding her bike around Boulder she’s off in the Rocky Mountains, in hiking heaven.
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